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[S1E8] Family First 2021

In the episode, Claire wants to make a special gift to Phil for their anniversary since she always picks the worst presents for him, while he chooses some amazing ones. All the kids are gathered at Jay's house for a sleepover, in a night that Jay calls "Jay's night". Haley does not want to be there and wants to go to a party with Dylan, but Dylan ends up being part of the sleepover with all of them. Mitch and Cameron go out to meet their party friend, Sal, so they can have fun for the first time in a long time only to realize that Sal is jealous of Lily.

[S1E8] Family First

Claire (Julie Bowen) has a history of giving bad gifts while Phil (Ty Burrell) has a history of giving her great gifts she really appreciates. So, in an attempt to make up for it, she decides to give Phil a surprising anniversary present, which is a private performance by Izzy LaFontaine (Edward Norton), the fictional bass player of Spandau Ballet. However, this unexpected gift turns out to be a mistake, as Phil was neither a fan of Spandau Ballet (or, as Izzy referred to the fans, "Fandaus") nor their song "True", which Claire believed to be Claire & Phil's special song since it was playing when they first kissed. According to Phil, the couple's "song" was "If You Leave" by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. Phil ends up appreciating the gesture, and agrees that "True" will be their new song.

Jay (Ed O'Neill) and Gloria (Sofía Vergara) are having all the grandkids (including Lily for the first time) over for a slumber party, a tradition he calls "Jay's Night." Haley (Sarah Hyland) feels like she is too old for family sleepovers and wants to go to a party with her boyfriend Dylan (Reid Ewing). Alex (Ariel Winter) says they should enjoy spending time with their grandfather because they do not know how much longer he will be around - which both confuses and scares Luke (Nolan Gould) into thinking that Jay is dying.

Haley is unable to convince her parents to let her attend the party (which is only three blocks away from Jay's house) and ends up at his sleepover. She makes an attempt to sneak out of the house but is thwarted by Jay. Gloria convinces him to change his mind, so he finds Dylan in the backyard and invites him in, saying he will allow him to take Haley to the party for a few hours. However Dylan would prefer to stay for the family fun of "Jay's Night", so neither of them end up going to the party.

The TV Chick wrote that they liked the episode. "I like that this episode, while full of extremely funny moments, also gets to the heart of things. The show is a comedy, but at the core, it is about a family (as crazy, dysfunctional and atypical as it may be)."[5]

No, Spencer is escorted off the ship and is separated from his wife, Alexandra. Mostly everyone on the deck is part of the wedding party or too afraid to speak up against a family with a powerful title. No one will step up for Spencer. Alexandra begs her friend to speak the truth about what happened, and she does.

Talia runs away with Theo to prevent Jack and Apollo from killing him. She promises he will always be her son. She asks him not to kill, but only feed. Talia then delivers him over to Oliver, who welcomes him to his new family.

Elisa Guimarães is a feature writer at Collider. She's a journalist, a translator, a linguist, an aspiring author, a lover of trivia games, and a first time cat owner. Likes science fiction, true crime, coming-of-age stories, teen dramas, and some other things as well. Can also be found at Delirium Nerd, writing in Portuguese.

'Fraid so, yep. But listen: In the book, Rhaenyra's naming her first son with Daemon "Aegon" is a big deal, one that Alicent takes as an insult to her eldest son, Aegon. The show seems willing to slide that aspect under the rug, but the fact remains that we're now faced with two characters named Aegon. The book adopts the nomenclature Aegon the Elder, for Alicent's kid, and Aegon the Younger for Rhaenyra's. But that's boring. We can afford to be a bit more colorful and descriptive.

Daemon tries to shame Alicent for administering "milk of the poppy" to the king for his pain, but she's not having it. She's the family member who's charged with daily care of the loved one with failing health, and he's the know-it-all brother-in-law who never calls but just breezes in once a year to complain. Step off, Daemon.

Jace and Luke visit the courtyard they used to train in. Luke immediately notices that everyone's looking at them, because unlike just about everyone in his family he possesses basic emotional intelligence. They are met by six-years-older Aemond One-Eye, with his eyepatch, his attitude, and his prodigious fighting skills. We also glimpse an Erryk/Arryk sparring match, and a slightly older, but no less insufferable, Ser Criston Cole.

Rhaenyra goes to the bedridden Viserys and tearfully asks him to defend her against Vaemond. He seems too out of it to comply, but the next morning, as the maesters are poking and palpating and lancing and leeching his emaciated frame, he tells Otto that he wants to dine with his entire family that evening.

Cut to: The aforementioned family dinner, which is shaping up to be awkward. I mean, there's the awkward family dinner you go to shortly after drunk racist Uncle Darryl posts a super-gnarly meme on Facebook, but that's peanuts compared to having to make small talk after a public head-lopping.

We then get a brief interlude wherein the practiced familial politesse seems to drop, and starts to shade into something more real. Actual laughter, and the ease of familiarity. People who truly know and appreciate each other. For a fleeting moment, we get glimpse of what House of the Dragon would look like if these characters actually loved each other like a family should. It's warm. It's pleasant. It's endearing.

Season 1 of Modern Family premiered for the first time on September 23, 2009, with "Pilot" and released its finale "Family Portrait" on May 19, 2010. Season 1 aired Wednesdays 9/8c in the United States and consisted of 24 episodes. The DVD was released on September 21, 2010.

Season 1 scored 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and an average episode score of 8.1 on IMDb. The critic's consensus on Rotten Tomatoes was "Thanks to sharp writing and an eccentric but exceedingly likable cast of characters, Modern Family signals the triumphant return of the family comedy."

Jay and Gloria, despite their age differences manage to stick together as a family, but also argue when it comes to Gloria's son and Jay's new stepson, Manny. Jay argues that Gloria gives him bad advice when it comes to Manny's friendship and love life.

He is a typical patriarch. He runs his family with an iron fist and takes pride in his manliness. He lives a life that most people dream of. Beautiful house, owner of a company, beautiful wife, big family. The only thing that doesn't really fit into his plan is Manny. He is known for his rather lavish interests, such as golfing and fishing with his friends, who are very much like him. Jay is still getting used to the fact that Mitchell is gay, often cracking jokes around him and Cam, but it is shown that their relationship is better than it was when Mitchell was a kid. Because of Mitchell's feminine nature, and his lack of interest in sports, Jay treated Claire as his son and now has a very close relationship with her. He often pushes her and brings out her competitive side. Despite their differences, Mitchell and Jay grow closer and Jay actually likes Lily and grows closer with Cam, even though, like with Phil, he didn't accept him and didn't think he was good enough. Jay is also shown to be a big lover of dogs, and likes to show of his wife. Jay does, despite his attitude, love his family and really looks out for them. His attitude towards Manny also improves. Manny is not what Jay expected in a son, since Manny is very much like a grown up and into theater and women. Jay tries to change Manny, but ends up showing that he really does love him as he is. Jay also has a problem with Manny's real dad, Javier, who he calls irresponsible. While Jay has difficulty dealing with most things at the beginning, he usually learns to deal with them and begins to like them, although he does not like to admit he is wrong. Like his kids, Claire and Mitchell, he is not very good at expressing his emotions, can be uptight and serious, and is a bit of a perfectionist.

Gloria is Manny's mother and Jay's new, beautiful, columbian wife. She is a lot younger than Jay, and is at first thought of as a gold digger by the family, although she does, with time, show that she really loves Jay. She speaks with an accent and is said to be a bad driver. She also has a fiery temper and does not take criticism well. She is also very protective of her values and traditions, such as the way she celebrates Christmas and the value of family in Columbia. She is a very loud person, and can come across as rather scary, but she is very sweet and protective of her family. Like Haley, she spends a lot of time on her appearance. She knows that Manny is different, and often tries to look out for him, coddling him a bit and making sure to boost his self-esteem. She is very close to him and spends a lot of time with him. Gloria is also shown to be the one to stick up to Jay when he does something that she does not see as right. She is also very defensive of her looks, and often says that she is more than that. She gets along great with Mitchell and loves the idea of having Lily around, because she always wanted a daughter. In a way, she becomes similar to a mom for her. Gloria is a very sweet and caring person, who comes from a difficult background, and is not afraid to tell people when they have done something they shouldn't.

The Parents of the Dunphy family: Phil and Claire, have to deal with their eldest daughter, Haley's, growing pains and her new boyfriend, who Claire doesn't approve of. Along with the ride is their only son, Luke, who they try to protect from himself, as he seems to be the dumbest of the kids. And the only one they don't have to protect is their middle child, Alex, the smartest of the family, they often go to her for help and she considers them to be sometimes stupid. 041b061a72

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