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Happy House 2 Evaluation.epub

limitations of this study include that the data are cross-sectional, and causality cannot be inferred. while happy hour is thought to increase overall consumption in the u.s., the possibility exists that other factors could be driving changes in consumption. it is also possible that individuals who have been drinking for long periods of time have a more developed tolerance to alcohol that allows them to drink more without becoming intoxicated [ 40 ]. in addition, the study examines only a select population of the university of illinois at urbana-champaign student body and the local population. the findings may not be representative of all college students or youth in general.

Happy House 2 Evaluation.epub

future research could examine the effect of happy hour and drink specials on other outcomes, such as amount and frequency of alcohol consumption, drinking patterns, alcohol-related consequences, and behaviors such as driving and fighting while drinking. additionally, it would be interesting to explore the impact of happy hours on students from countries that have different alcohol policies, such as age of legal drinking, alcohol prices, permissive laws regarding responsible service of alcohol, and social norms about responsible drinking. finally, a longitudinal study would provide insight into the factors and mechanisms that could lead to a reduction in alcohol-related harms and negative consequences.

the present research provides evidence that happy hours and drink specials increase overall alcohol consumption as well as alter drinking patterns of young adults. positive changes in drinking behavior were associated with subsequent negative consequences such as driving while intoxicated and getting into physical altercations. policies that limit happy hours and drink specials may help reduce the harms associated with consumption and could be implemented in conjunction with other regulations that limit access to alcohol (e.g., age of legal drinking, minimum drink prices, hours when bars can be open).

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