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Windows Server 2008 Datacenter Product Key Crack

This post now forms part of our KMS and evaluation product keys series. We have shared with you all the product keys you should ever require for Microsoft user and server operating systems. You can see the full list available to you by clicking the link below:Microsoft Evaluation and KMS Product Key Series

windows server 2008 datacenter product key crack

This is more as a reminder for ourselves when building evaluation labs for Windows Server 2008 R2 (although most people will be moving on 2012 by now) but we thought we would share this information with our visitors as well.These product keys can be used to activate the various evaluation copies of Windows Server 2008 R2 for 180 days and have a re-arm value of 5.You can see the list of keys that you can use below:

Recently i undertaken a project of configuring domain in a office. I purchased original windows server 2008 server standard additionRetail license with 5 CAL licenses. But i misplaced my windows media dvd of server 2008. So could not find it. I downloaded windows server 2008 from torrent website and installed it on client's Server.

Now when i try to install license and activate windows online with the purchased license it gives error. So i could not activate it. The installed server 2008 has OEM license on it , i don't now how it happened. I need to install Original retail license that i purchased for it and i can not re install it on that server because all the production softwares of the company are on this domain controller and are running in production environment.

When i tried to insert my purchased license, it gave me error. I think this is volume licensed version of windows server 2008 server edition and i had retail licensed key for activation. I tried thousand times to activate this server windows online with microsoft with my purchased license.

Our green datacenter cooling system has established a great track record since deployment. Our 2008 total utility costs are projected to come in very near 2006 levels, despite huge growth of equipment in the datacenter.

So, more servers in 2008, but far less power used to cool them. That is green and cost effective! Our growth in power consumption is ongoing, but the trend line has taken a nice step downward due to the investment in efficiency.

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