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Tiger Woods, the 47-year-old father of a sports-playing teenage daughter, was photographed Thursday giving his playing partner Justin Thomas a tampon after Woods outdrove him in the first round of a PGA Tour event, replicating an old prank that immature school boys used to think was funny.

funny pics mature

If you're looking for funny birthday wishes, quotes, and jokes to put a smile on their dial - you've come to the right place! Sometimes it's your brother/best friend/partners/office buddy's birthday, but a sappy message just won't cut it. Whether it's for him or her, a friend or a colleague, or maybe even a belated birthday wish (whoops!), we've got you covered with our huge selection of humorous birthday wishes.

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As I have shared previously, my children both love a good dose of humor in their books. This started with picture books and has continued as they moved into chapter books and novels, which has accumulated in this list of over 40 funny chapter books for kids.

Planning to post couple selfies? Or maybe a funny moment with your loved one? You got a long list of funny couple quotes you can pair with your photo. Check them out, choose one, and have that photo shared with the world.

Older adults have many opportunities to learn about almost any topic of interest. Courses are available online, on an audio disc, or DVD. Topics can range from history to music, philosophy, and anything in between. Harvard University and Stanford are offering free online courses to anyone who wishes to participate.

We hope that these funny memes about getting old were able to help you take aging a little less seriously. More than that, we hope that they were able to help you appreciate life a little big more. Enjoy everything while it lasts!

Recently, TV has favored another picture of family life: that in which the kids are more mature than the parents. It reflects - or reinforces - a burgeoning perception in society that children are growing up faster and faster, usually independent of parents' guidance.

Take the Hollywood version of family dynamics la "Cybill." The level-headed teen Zoe constantly drips sarcasm on her mother's nutty antics such as adopting a pig to save it from becoming bacon. "What can be wrong with depicting kids as mature?" asks Mr. Gould, who was until recently executive producer of "Cybill."

Some believe precocious youths are not just a sitcom staple but a fact of life. "Kids are much more aware of adult realities because they're more exposed to what's going on in the world via TV, the Internet, or whatever," says Mark Crotty, a Dallas high school teacher who has studied families on TV. Yet he hastens to add, "Kids grow up faster, but they do not necessarily mature faster."

As a mother and former college professor, Ms. Pettler feels a sense of mission. "First, we try to be funny, but we give the same priority to responsibility to our audience, which is at a very vulnerable age."

When "Roseanne" was rated No. 1, its creators had the clout to deal with topics like teen drug use, but each episode required a pitched battle with networks. "Roseanne blazed trails in terms of realistic depictions of problems, as when [her daughter] Darlene lost her virginity. But the networks had to be bullied into acquiescence," Noah explains.

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