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facebook page plugin not working properly - Stack Overflow

 · open ; if there are no facebook sessions open the plugin opens fine (in the preview pane of the setup Facebook needs to scrape links shared to Facebook to know which to link preview information to show on or on Facebook for iOS and Android. This This document lists the Facebook Social Plugins available to allow your app to like, share, comment, and more. Changes to Social Plugins in the European Region You may start

mathetos that's surprising because the default path is actually just docs and it works fine for a long time now. slorber changed the title V2: Multiple page docs exemple V2: document docs plugin multi-instance Oct 13, This is often necessary, and oftentimes developers don't find the right way to do it. English Australia , English New Zealand , and English US. Can early adopters read it and tell me if something is not clear enough please? It seems setting id in the classic with versioning is unnecessary, and breaks the documentation. Temporary policy: ChatGPT is banned. Fix Vim 8. The Shared Counts plugin allows you to implement this functionality on your own WordPress website.

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