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Buffs are temporary enhancements or neutral effects that are conferred onto a player or party, most often increasing the players' stats. Buffs are applied immediately and persist until the buffed player's next Cron.


To avoid ever-increasing buff strengths from stacked buffs, the strength of any buffing skill is determined by your unbuffed stats. This means it is dependent on only the stats derived from your level bonus, allocated stat points, equipment, and Perfect Day bonus. Each buffing skill then uses these unbuffed values in calculating how much the stat will be increased by (calculations can be found in the Skills sections of the Healer, Mage, Rogue, and Warrior pages). You can cast a buff multiple times and each time it will increase the specific stat, but only by the same amount each time. This applies only to those buffing skills that increase stats. It does not hold for other skills, whose strengths depend on your total stats including stat buffs.

An odd phenomenon occurs if someone doesn't log in for several days: their buffed stats will accumulate for multiple days of people casting buffs on them, giving them an inordinately high cumulative buff according to their Party stats screen. However, they will lose those buffs after their Cron finishes running.

The Amarco Products G-Series model G-1532 is a 15/32 inch Buffed Tire Grating comprised of nylon-reinforced tire strips, developed to offer an extremely durable and absorbent entrance system. The G-1532 is available in both a Single and Double Tread format to allow for even more absorption and scraping capacity. The tire treads are supported by heavy-duty aluminum bars that are designed to supplement scraping and support the grating structure. This buffed tire grating is extremely long-lasting and when properly maintained can be flipped to benefit twice as long from the same entrance system. The treads of the G-1532 grating are made of recycled nylon-reinforced tire strips availing this mat of an abundance of LEED credit options.

The northern buffed-cheeked gibbon (Nomascus annamensis) is a newly discovered species of crested gibbon which is found in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Its habitat is in the humid subtropical and seasonal tropical forests of these countries.[4][5]

The northern buffed-cheeked gibbon resembles Nomascus gabriellae in appearance.[6] Males and females of N. annamensis differ in morphology and color. The male has a primarily black pelt that glistens silver in sunlight, with a lighter brown chest. The cheeks are a deep golden-orange, and the crest is very prominent. The female, though, lacks the characteristic crest and is orange-beige in color.[4]

The energy landscapes of proteins have evolved to be different from most random heteropolymers. Many studies have concluded that evolutionary selection for rapid and reliable folding to a given structure that is stable at biological temperatures leads to energy landscapes having a single dominant basin and an overall funnel topography. We show here that, although such a landscape topography is indeed a sufficient condition for folding, another possibility also exists, giving a previously undescribed class of foldable sequences. These sequences have landscapes that are only weakly funneled in the conventional thermodynamic sense but have unusually low kinetic barriers for reconfigurational motion. Traps have been specifically removed by selection. Here we examine the possibility of folding on these "buffed" landscapes by mapping the determination of statistics of pathways for the heterogeneous nucleation processes involved in escaping from traps to the solution of an imaginary time Schroedinger equation. This equation is solved analytically in adiabatic and "soft-wall" approximations, and numerical results are shown for the general case. The fraction of funneled vs. buffed proteins in sequence space is estimated, suggesting the statistical dominance of the funneling mechanism for achieving foldability.

To retain the look of the countertop, you need to keep it looking clean and polished. Can quartz countertops be buffed? Yes, they can. In fact, here are some of the ways to polish them.

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